Brand Strategist + Enneagram Practitioner

Unlock the fullness of your life's work.

Brand Srategist + Enneagram Practitioner

Unlock the fullness of your life's work.

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Hi, I'm Shay.

a curious creative + strategic soul
Meet Shay: brand stylist and web designer



Using the Enneagram psyche map, I can work with you and/or your team to discover and understand your personality type(s). Then, we'll explore methods for deepening creativity, focus, and flow. I'm also available for team retreats and growth sessions based on your type!


Brand Strategy

I'm the brand designer who uses the Enneagram to create a spirit-filled brand identity for your business. No party tricks here. I uncover who you are, through what you do, and translate that into a visual language that resonates on an instinctual, emotional, and intellectual level.

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Meg Clarke

"Working with Shay was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. She brought clarity and conviction to my business and processes. Shay is really a huge asset and I am so grateful for her."

From simplicity comes possibility. I give creative professionals the tools you need, the ease you crave, and design that unlocks the fullness of your life’s work.

Who loves origin stories? Mine starts at the edge of my nightstand twelve years ago as I rocked my baby to sleep while covered in spit-up and tortilla chip crumbs. If you told me then that I'd go on to build a 7-figure software company for publishers, sell that to an investor—all while running a design agency with clients like Michael Hyatt, Peter Enns, Sales Hacker, and Marie Forleo, I would have laughed you up and down this side of the Mid-Atlantic Coast.  And yet here we are. I'm the kinda creative who believes in curiosity, empathy, systems, processes, and tactics that create real impact in the world, even for someone starting their first business at the edge of a nightstand.

Those I’ve worked with are best known for their best-selling cookbooks, high-traffic blogs, and meaningful contributions to spirituality, social justice, education, art, and holistic living. They’re hustlers, creators, academics, artisans, and experts with an eye for beauty in the most unconventional places. My clients are pioneering spirits that revel in the pure joy of making, sharing, and building meaningful communities. They're constantly looking for ways to manifest their passion projects, whether it be through food, photography, teaching, or writing, and are often looking for a partner who can translate their desires into a one-of-a-kind strategy that unlocks the fullness of their life's work.

"I'm excited to put myself out there instead of holding back."

"In the past 3 days I have had 2 brand new clients schedule appointments with me through my homepage—that's a first!  That means that they read about my prices and signed up. I didn't have to give them a pitch over the phone.  I attribute that to your new site design—thank you!!"

— Ruthie Weiglein

"I'm excited to put myself out there instead of holding back."

— Ruthie Weiglein

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