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  • 10-Page Report
  • Type + Subtype
  • Communication Guide
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  • Center of Intelligence

Typing Session

The Enneagram is a powerful and deep self-development tool that helps us to uncover things about ourselves we don't tend to see on our own. This 90-minute interview will go deep into who you are and I'll help you to understand the system enough to spot your personality type and say, "Yes, that's totally me!"

Certified Enneagram Practitioner



session + report

Enneagram from Shay Bocks

Get an Enneagram brand glow-up!

For personal brands, it's helpful to identify your Enneagram type to lean into your brand essence and attract the audience you’re meant to serve. We can actually triangulate psychographic details about your ideal clients based on your Enneagram type—and level up your brand strategy using those insights.

People say the nicest things!

i just need all y'all to know that @shaybocks and I just got off a phone call with product managers from a 20 billion dollar company, and the higher ups who reviewed Shay's mockups said, and I quote, "These are the best first round mockups we've ever seen."
tweet from Brian Gardener - infatuated with WordPress design
tweet from Tara Claeys - person in WordPress that you admire
tweet from Kristy Gardner: "Apple headset & microphone: $35. Coffe with Baileys: $4. Getting to speak with shaybocks this morning about web design? priceless."
Moodboard for branding by Shay Bocks

Design in A Day

With this 1-day strategic design intensive, we'll start with a kick-off strategy call—you’ll spell your vision out for me and I’ll chunk it down into steps we can accomplish. I'll deliver everything with documentation by the end of our time together. Plus, you'll have email support available to you for the next 7 days. 

Book my day!

What we could do in a day...

Brand Strategy Workshop
Getting clear on who you are and what you do

Basic Logo Concepts
For projects that need quick branding yesterday

Website Template Customization
Make iterative improvements to an existing theme

Landing Page Design
This can include sales pages, squeeze pages, and more.

Enneagram Workshops
1-day Enneagram for Teams intensives

1-day commitment



per day

Please note that I'll need all copy, photography, and brand assets from you before any work can begin.

web and brand strategy guide

Book a Strategy Session

It's like life coaching for your brand. You bring your toughest questions and I'll help you navigate the way forward. If you want to leverage the Enneagram in your strategy, make sure we've done an Enneagram typing session first. Once we're clear on your type, we can use those insights for building the brand and business that truly honors you and your audience.



Kind words from clients, turned friends.

Working with Shay was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. She brought clarity and conviction to my business and processes. Shay is really a huge asset and I am so grateful for her.

Megan Clarke
Megan Clarke
Clapping Dog Media

I’ve done everything I know to do to sabotage Shay’s work for us, but nothing seems to work. Despite my clueless requests and half-baked ideas, Shay always—ALWAYS—comes through with creative and strategic solutions that I didn’t even know existed. If we could, we’d keep her on permanent 24/7 retainer and not let her work for anyone else . . . but instead we’ve decided to share her with you. You’re welcome.

Peter Enns
Peter Enns
Scholar, Author, Podcaster

Shay has a real talent for conveying what a website is about through design. I truly believe that her branding and vision have been a huge factor in our success — she knows how to design websites that elevate content rather than compete with it.

Kiersten - food blogger from helloveggie.co
Kiersten Frase

I am convinced Shay has an army of extremely talented elves working for her around the clock. She delivered above our expectations, before deadlines, and captured our vision before we even finished sayi...

Jared Byas - The Bible for Normal People
Jared Byas
Advisor + Podcaster

This is my dream blog and branding—I'm so thrilled! All of the concepts were absolutely gorgeous and I so love how thorough you are with everything. It's seriously a dream to be working with you!!

Catherine - Food Blogger
Catherine Culpepper

Happily, we've seen a significant increase in opt-ins since the design was launched and we've received some great feedback from longtime readers who love the new design and find the site a lot easier to use!

Jenny McGruther
Jenny McGruther

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The 9 Personalities of Brand Vision (Enneagram of Branding)

Nine Types of Brand Personality

Identify your type and then lean into your brand essence to attract the audience you’re meant to serve. Use the words in this guide to get super clear on how you represent your brand personality to the world!