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Hi, I'm Shay.

a curious designer + enneagram spaz
Meet Shay: brand stylist and web designer

From simplicity comes possibility. I give founders and creators the tools they need, the ease they crave, and the design that unlocks the fullness of their life’s work.

What was once just a dream in front of my laptop at the edge of the nightstand has now manifested into a full-time operation serving other dreamers who dare to make a living in their own unique way. I design so that you can live, work, and thrive in ways that help you feel most connected to your true calling. Beyond business, I truly believe that we’re all in possession of a divine gift designed to serve the world. It’s a special something – small and mighty – that merges passion with purpose, and purpose with joy. This simple yet powerful belief is why I’ve built my design business out of a desire to serve and fill the gap, and why I feel most alive when I’m taking your business, blog, or product to places that soar.

Those I’ve worked with are best known for their best-selling cookbooks, high-traffic blogs, and meaningful contributions to spirituality, social justice, education, art, and holistic living. They’re hustlers, creators, academics, artisans, and experts with an eye for beauty in the most unconventional places. My clients are pioneering spirits that revel in the pure joy of making, sharing, and building meaningful communities. They're constantly looking for ways to manifest their passion projects, whether it be through food, photography, teaching, or writing, and are often looking for a partner who can translate their desires into a one-of-a-kind strategy that makes it easier to reach more people.

Things that make me go woah:


marshmallow root tea, cosmology, theology, spiral dynamics, street tacos, rainy days and reading on the porch.


Creator of the most popular food blog theme.
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If any of these describe you, we're going to get along great:

You appreciate a sense of wonder and curiosity.

You value greater equality for women, LGBTQ, and marginalized communities.

You're building an intentional business online—to share your gifts, build a community, and make a profit that feels good.

You believe we truly can live in a world that we design (and you totally get the Greatest Showman reference here).

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