Learn the process of connecting with your audience using Enneagram insights. 3-hour replay + workbook.

Understand the Enneagram as a wisdom tool for self-discovery.

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Articles & Case Studies

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Trauma-Informed Branding: How to Create a More Empowering and Inclusive Strategy for Your Brand

Cultivate a deeper connection with your community through a trauma-informed approach.

Human Heads Network on Pink, Internet Communication Concept, human network

Nine Enneagram Types at Work: How Each Type Shines and Supports Their Teams

Knowing your type and its unique blend of strengths and challenges can help you navigate the workplace and build stronger relationships with your colleagues.

We must face the emotional habit of our Enneagram type

Enneagram Passions or Emotional Habits?

The Enneagram helps us to name our habits. Our emotional habits point to a core emotional hang-up that we must face.

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Owning Your Center of Intelligence: Enneagram Head, Heart, and Body Centers

In the Enneagram, we can divide the 9 types of personality into three categories: the Body Center, the Heart Center, and the Head Center.

Creative Artist Desk With Marble Statue Of Woman, Colored Pencils And Yarn

Finding Flow: The Predictable Magic of the Creative Process

Find your magic in a predictable process that honors your full humanity and the creativity you wield.

How to Cultivate Self-Awareness and Unleash Your Creativity with the Enneagram

Self-awareness is a legitimate means of accessing creativity, but many of us lose the ability to be self-aware because we’re afraid to take the time to contemplate who we are and what we value.

clean white sheets, blank slate, ready for creativity

This Year Isn’t Done With Us Yet: What 2020 is Doing to Creativity

It’s said that when crisis hits, artists get to work.

What is the Enneagram?

Let’s think about the Enneagram like a prism, separating out nine different perspectives on reality.

7 Elements of A Website that Works

The 7 Elements of A Powerful Website

Make sure you have these 7 website elements that’ll have it selling for you, while you bask in the freedom of focusing on your life’s work.

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