A branding experience tailored for who you are and how you help your audience shine.

Hey, high achiever.

You've built something amazing, but let's be honest...

Makeshift branding is costing you clients and money. You want a brand that calls in abundance.

You don't want to be stuck with the branding you've outgrown—you're impressive, but your logo isn't.

You're ready for whatever is next, but you need a brand system that can keep up.

You've learned a lot about yourself recently—and decided it's time to talk about your brand differently.

It's time for a more polished look to better represent you as the expert you are.

The DIY logo you threw together on Canva served its purpose, but it just ain't cutting it anymore.

A glow-up week dedicated to you.

Get clear

Every glow-up starts with discovery. We get clear about who you are, what really matters to your audience, and how you guide people through a journey of transformation.

Explore Concepts

Ah, that "first look" feeling. As Ursula said, "That's what I do. It's what I live for." This glimpse at your new branding includes a mood board and three brand concepts. Think systems, not just a logo.

Launch Your Brand

After two rounds of revisions, we finalize all of your brand elements and package it into a personalized PDF brand guide—this is the holy grail of how you communicate about your business from here forward.

The 9 Personalities of Brand Vision (Enneagram of Branding)

Does your branding prioritize the well-being of your audience?

In one short guide, I'll show you how to think of your brand through an archetypal lens to send healing messages that your audience is unconsciously looking for.

"It so deeply captures who I am."


"Internal eyes to look inside my most abstract vision..."

Roadstead Montessori

glow-up timeline


Your Personality Type: Meet with Shay to discover your Enneagram personality type—it's an in-depth interview meant to help you get clarity about what's really important to you and the gifts you bring to what you do. After the call, you'll get a comprehensive report.


Brand Discovery Workshop: It's brand discovery time. This is a 90-minute 1:1 workshop to cover your brand essence, audience psychographics, and strategic opportunities. We'll work together in a digital workspace and I'll guide you every step of the way. I've been perfecting this for 13+ years and trust me, it's worth it.


First Look Concepts: Time to review your First Look concepts. What's resonating and what just doesn't work? Which fonts and colors do you like best? What changes would you like to see?


Revisions: Today is where we knock out two rounds of revisions to tweak and perfect your concept until it's just right. Sometimes we need both rounds, and sometimes we don't need any. Either way, we intentionally make this space available for you.


All Glown Up: Your Brand Guide comes with finalized assets in both .png (raster) and .svg (vector) formats. This includes usage directions, graphic elements, brand strategy, color palette, and typography. Time to show the world your new visual identity!

Enneagram insights help us get further faster.

Here's what you get:

  • 90-minute Enneagram Typing Session to identify or confirm your core personality type (optional)
  • 90-minute Brand Strategy Discovery Workshop to define your brand's personality, uncover psychographic details about your audience, and identify strategic tactics
  • First Look Doc with a moodboard to set the tone and three branding concepts, including primary logo, variations, color palette, typography, and other visual elements
  • Two rounds of edits on your favorite concept
  • Brand assets delivered via Dropbox—includes .png and .svg versions of your primary logo, variations, graphic elements, and any approved stock photography.
  • PDF Brand Guide—a guiding document for how to use your brand going forward


Audience Communication Guide with insights about how to build trust with your ideal audience.


One Week · VIP Experience

Branding Glow-Up


Limited-Time Offer


Research shows that customers are more likely to buy from brands that closely align with their personality type, or one they're connected to through the arrow lines of the Enneagram. 

As a certified Enneagram practitioner, I've noticed mighty clarity that comes from seeing our brands through an archetypal lens of a powerful growth system like this.

With Enneagram insights, we can approach your brand as a vehicle for transformative messages that your audience is unconsciously looking to connect with. This is about prioritizing the well-being of humanity through the way we communicate—including the visual language we use!

5 days. This branding glow-up system lets us complete your branding ultra-fast without losing quality. In comparison, most branding processes take around 6 to 8 weeks!

Your glow-up week is mapped out from discovery on Monday to delivery on Friday—with all the branding magic flowing in between.

For 7 days, you get VIP support just in case a file is missing or we need to correct a typo somewhere. This support does not include additional design revisions, though you will have the option to book additional time at a discounted rate if that strikes your fancy.

Shay Bocks Brand Strategist

Shay Bocks

Behind-the-scenes and within-the-seams of brands that prioritize the well-being of humanity.