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The Bible for Normal People Podcast —

Brand Styling, Website Design, Strategy, Merchandise Design, Digital Product Design, Performance

Hear my squeal when I say that I worked with Peter Enns and The Bible for Normal People to reimagine their online presence for the second podcast season. Working together, we've extended the brand through swag, online courses, blog content, podcast promotions, and more. During season two, the podcast has enjoyed a bursting increase in monthly revenue thanks to smart branding, killer website performance, and thoughtful marketing that brings a curious audience more of what they're looking for. That revenue can now be cycled back into hiring staff and creating new programs for wondering wanderers.

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Peter Enns Bible for Normal People Hat
The Bible for Normal People Logo
Pete Enns Brand Strategy
Online course design
The Bible for Normal People Slide Design
Timeline design
Online Course Design
The Bible for Normal People Peter Rollins Quote Social Media Graphic
Peter Enns Branding Design - Noah's Ark is NOT a Children's Story
Podcast Personality Graphic Design
social media graphic
The Bible for Normal People Slide Design

Chesapeake Montessori School —

Brand Styling, Website Design, Strategy, Social Media, Performance, Photography Art Direction

With a growing waiting list and expanding programs, Shanna Honan, the Head of School at Chesapeake Montessori, knew it was time for a more sophisticated presence through the website and social media channels. We worked with Wild Heart Films on a photo shoot to capture the look we were going for—rich, deep color reminiscent of Italy, where Maria Montessori was the first female to earn a medical degree and where she began her journey towards influencing and confronting world leaders. Montessori was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, but many believed she was passed over each time because she was too controversial as such a capable woman.

This redesign is a quiet subversive nod to the feminism and social justice efforts of Maria Montessori and a vindication of her prophetic journey which started in Italy and continues today, even in Chesapeake, VA.

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Art Direction for Chesapeake Montessori School
montessori branding
montessori school brand mark
montessori classroom - photography art direction
Chesapeake Montessori School new web design
Chesapeake Montessori School Logo
branding art direction
branding art direction

EDMARC Hope Gala 2018 —

Brand Styling, Event Marketing Design

This year, I had the pleasure of partnering with Edmarc Hospice for Children in contributing to the experience design for this year's gala event. With a 40th anniversary themed masquerade, there were many concepts to explore. I think we landed on a real gem with this bold color scheme and fun graphic elements to use throughout the assets.

Edarc Gala Branding Logo
print design flat lay invitation design program for gala
event design sponsorship rate sheet
program design, invitation design, rsvp
Hope Gala Save the Date
Edmarc Hope Gala Branding
event design sponsorship rate sheet

Clapping Dog Media —

strategy, brand styling, website refresh

Meg (my favorite SEO!) pulled me in just as big ideas were swirling around in her incredible brain—she just needed some help executing and making her vision happen through her website. The results will floor you.

During Meg's strategy subscription, we launched an evergreen challenge sequence that grew her list by 62% and converted 2.5% of her audience to purchase a newly developed multi 5-figure mastermind program (industry standard is 1% for a healthy launch).

Clapping Dog Media Instagram Graphic
strategic cover image
Clapping Dog Media Landing Page Design
Meg Clapping Dog Instagram Graphic
mastermind strategy

Tight Knit —

strategy, brand styling, website design

Debra brought me in to help grow her blog into a platform that builds a core community of people around the message she has to share. For her, this was the time to explore adding new contributors, create Buffalo city guides, and experiment with content calendars, email marketing, and giveaways. Her immediate need was to transform the site to one that can handle a more robust content strategy and the growth she expected through 2017.

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Tight Knit Brand Styling Concept
Tight Knit Branding Constraints
Tight Knit Brand Clarity Moodboard
Tight Knit Branding Mark by Shay Bocks
Tight Knit Branding
Tight Knit Brand Styling First Look

Hello Media —

strategy, brand styling, website design

While helloglow.co has been a well-established lifestyle blog for years, the Hello Media team was ready to grow their brand with two sister sites dedicated to vegetarian recipes and home-ec for their modern audience. We started with a strategy session to explore opportunities and worked together to expand the brand identity, customize WordPress themes to show off their content, and design graphics for upcoming blog posts.

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Hello Nest Brand Styling
Hello Nest Mark | Branding
Hello Nest Color Palette
Hello Media Infographic Design
Hello Veggie Food Blog Recipe Index
Hello Veggie Logo Design
Hello Media Infographic Design
Hello Media Roundup Graphic Design
Hello Media Brand Styling

Lila Ruth Grain Free —

strategy, brand styling, website refresh, landing page design, cookbook design

With a cookbook release in the year ahead, Catherine knew it was time to up her game. Strategizing with her was a true highlight for me as we explore launch strategies and hashed out a plan for the road ahead. First up—she needed a stand-out brand identity to set her apart from the sea of food blogs. Because her blog certainly isn't like any other. With a focus on the Specific Carb Diet and grain-free living, she now has a site that her recipes can call home.

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Lila Ruth Logo Design
cookbook design
Lila Ruth Grain Free Icons
cookbook design
Lila Ruth Grain Free Logo Design
Food Blog Design Screenshot
Lila Ruth Food Blog Graphics
Lila Ruth Welcome Graphic
Lila Ruth Grain Free Color Scheme

Starting to imagine your own unique brand + web design?

Kind words from clients, turned friends.

Working with Shay was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. She brought clarity and conviction to my business and processes. Shay is really a huge asset and I am so grateful for her.

Megan Clarke
Megan Clarke
Clapping Dog Media

I’ve done everything I know to do to sabotage Shay’s work for us, but nothing seems to work. Despite my clueless requests and half-baked ideas, Shay always—ALWAYS—comes through with creative and strategic solutions that I didn’t even know existed. If we could, we’d keep her on permanent 24/7 retainer and not let her work for anyone else . . . but instead we’ve decided to share her with you. You’re welcome.

Peter Enns
Peter Enns
Scholar, Author, Podcaster

Shay has a real talent for conveying what a website is about through design. I truly believe that her branding and vision have been a huge factor in our success — she knows how to design websites that elevate content rather than compete with it.

Kiersten - food blogger from helloveggie.co
Kiersten Frase

I am convinced Shay has an army of extremely talented elves working for her around the clock. She delivered above our expectations, before deadlines, and captured our vision before we even finished sayi...

Jared Byas - The Bible for Normal People
Jared Byas
Advisor + Podcaster

This is my dream blog and branding—I'm so thrilled! All of the concepts were absolutely gorgeous and I so love how thorough you are with everything. It's seriously a dream to be working with you!!

Catherine - Food Blogger
Catherine Culpepper

Happily, we've seen a significant increase in opt-ins since the design was launched and we've received some great feedback from longtime readers who love the new design and find the site a lot easier to use!

Jenny McGruther
Jenny McGruther