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Type 4: Emotionally Honest + Creative

Enneagram type 4 card

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Hey there, meaning maker! If you're into emotional honesty, self-expression, and artistic power, you might be a Four! But, let's be real, being a Four ain't always easy-peasy. You're prone to mood swings and self-doubt. Sometimes you feel vulnerable and unlovable, and you'll do anything to avoid the mundane. But what sets you apart is the constant drive to stand out and be loved for who you truly are. Sound familiar?


I'm a nostalgic dreamer, forever yearning for yesterday and tomorrow. But in this very moment? Meh. My mind is constantly racing with comparisons, constantly questioning if I have what it takes. But let's not label it as negative, let's call it "being in touch with my emotions." I often feel like an outsider, searching for a deeper meaning and a sense of authenticity in everything I do. I'm a walking kaleidoscope of feelings. Not even close to a cookie-cutter human — I'm a creative force. 

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Does this sound like you?

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