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  • An overview of the 9 types of Brand Personality
  • The Magic of Your Muse: What your ideal audience sees in you
  • Brand Essence terms to inspire growth for your brand
The 9 Personalities of Brand Vision (Enneagram of Branding)
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The Nine Personalities of Brand Vision

We can define brand personality as “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand.” In the last 50 years, consumer behavior researchers have found that people prefer brands that match up with the human characteristics that consistently and distinctively describe an individual’s actual or ideal self.

Taking this concept further, researchers can now apply the Enneagram of Personality to this idea, accounting for the transformation of personality, not just static ideals of humanity.

In short, identify your type and then lean into your brand essence to attract the audience you’re meant to serve. Use the words in this guide to get super clear on how you represent your brand personality to the world!

Hi, I'm Shay.

a curious creative director + enneagram spaz

In a dozen years doing creative work for everyone from food bloggers and shops to Silicon Valley startups to global intergovernmental organizations, there's at least one thing I've come to truly know: we are all tender mammals with evolutionary potential.

It's easy to sum up my work into terms like "branding" and "strategy," but what I really love to do is crack open the ways we stay small and contained—to reveal new unexplored opportunities to embrace our full humanity.

I've partnered with a wide range of organizations — from global companies and UN agencies to NGOs, non-profits, and pioneering brands making significant contributions in their industries: education, spirituality, human development, and more.

Because it's important: you should know that I'm a certified Enneagram practitioner and I regularly invest in my own inner work and professional development around the Enneagram—this is a perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on my insatiable curiosity and get support for your own growth path!

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