Nine Enneagram Types at Work: How Each Type Shines and Supports Their Teams

Knowing your type and its unique blend of strengths and challenges can help you navigate the workplace and build stronger relationships with your colleagues.

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Our personality comes with us to work every day. It can be one of our principal tools for success and highlight areas where we need to grow. But have no fear — the Enneagram gives us a framework for understanding how we voyage through work life.

Big picture: Knowing your type and its unique blend of strengths and challenges can help you navigate the workplace and build stronger relationships with your colleagues. Here’s how each Enneagram type can shine at work:

Enneagram type 1 at work

  • Ones are all about getting stuff done right (precisely, methodically, and ethically).
  • They focus on creating strategies and processes to make workflows smoother, always striving for perfection and improving performance.
  • They’re reliable and consistent AF, setting an example of incredible integrity. 
  • Ones stick to the rules and procedures and stay disciplined in their tasks. They understand that following the guidelines and delivering on your promises is crucial for success.
  • Even in the face of strong bias, Ones can stay objective and consider rational, evidence-based arguments.
  • They communicate with precision and directness, using logic to back up their points.
  • They sincerely care about honesty and integrity, always striving to be ethical and responsible.
  • Quality and correctness are at the forefront of their minds, and they’re always paying attention to the finer details.
  • They’re thoughtful and always ready to explain deliverables and deadlines, making sure everyone is on the same page.

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    Enneagram type 2 at work

    • Twos are all about building strong connections and supporting their colleagues’ development.
    • They’re quick to jump in and show compassion when someone needs it.
    • They bring the good vibes to work, creating a positive environment.
    • Twos value teamwork and collaboration to boost productivity.
    • They’re committed, diplomatic, and empathetic AF.
    • They create positive rapport and maintain good relationships.
    • They’re supportive, understanding, and always looking to improve relationships.
    • They make things easy for others and frame instructions positively.
    • They’re sincerely interested in people and want to be of service.

    Enneagram type 3 at work

    • Threes take the initiative and show a strong drive for success. 
    • They take pride in their work and strive to be their best. 
    • They’re skilled communicators and excel at interpersonal relationships.
    • Threes are all about results and know how to clearly define and achieve their goals.
    • They’re natural performers and feel comfortable in the spotlight.
    • Confidence is their middle name, and they know how to present a successful image — they care about their message and always want to convey it effectively.
    • They have a can-do attitude and aren’t afraid of challenges.
    • Threes seek recognition for creating success and value good relationships.
    • They’re proactive in resolving conflicts and see projects through to the end.

    Enneagram type 4 at work

    • Fours are creative visionaries with a knack for meaning-soaked aesthetics.
    • They bring a unique blend of creativity, insight, and emotional intelligence to the workplace.
    • Fours value integrity and aim to find a personal connection to their work, zeroing in on what really matters.
    • They’re truthful and skilled at surfacing important interpersonal issues and speaking with emotional honesty.
    • They’re insightful about relationships and use their emotional intuition and empathy to guide their actions.
    • Fours crave deeper connections and want to design bridges of mutual understanding.
    • They treasure genuine communication and steer clear of small talk to authentically share what’s meaningful to them.
    • They’re driven to uncover and understand the more profound significance of things and find ways to express their own unique perspective on that meaning.
    • Like a painter, they have a talent for infusing their work with emotion and depth, using artistic skills to bring their vision to life.

    Enneagram type 5 at work

    • Fives take the time to thoroughly research and analyze things. 
    • They actively seek out innovative solutions to workplace issues. 
    • They approach tasks with a high level of independence and autonomy. 
    • Fives think critically and outside the box to develop creative solutions. 
    • They’re voracious learners who never stop seeking new information and staying up to date with industry trends.
    • Fives are independent and logical thinkers who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and share what they know about a topic.
    • They’re cool under pressure and always have well-researched data to back up their work.
    • They’re sensitive, sincere, and authentic.
    • Fives generally see things from an unbiased perspective, prioritizing objectivity and detaching their emotions from decisions.

    Enneagram type 6 at work

    • Sixes have a lot to say about how to prepare for potential problems — they actively anticipate workplace needs and potential risks. 
    • They adhere to established guidelines and endeavor to stay on budget. 
    • They display strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 
    • Sixes prioritize safety and security while working. 
    • They can remain flexible and quickly adjust to curveballs — appearing calm and collected (just remember that anxiety is raging under the surface).
    • They’re humble and aware of power dynamics, always trying to be fair and considerate.
    • Once they trust someone, they’re loyal and committed to them.
    • They’re honest and upfront about what’s not working and how to fix it.
    • They’re dedicated problem-solvers who won’t give up until they find a solution.

    Enneagram type 7 at work

    • Sevens take the initiative with creative solutions to workplace problems, always bold in taking the lead.
    • Sevens are total dreamers and always have tons of creative ideas.
    • They’re enthusiastic and always up for trying something new.
    • They’re futurists, looking ahead and coming up with creative new discoveries on the horizon.
    • Sevens know how to lighten the mood and conjure up fun and good vibes out of thin air.
    • They’re enthusiastic and passionate about their ideas, always talking about their grand plans for the future.
    • They’re visionary dreamers who love to imagine big and always aim for the stars.
    • They’ll express their enthusiasm and excitement in the workplace before acknowledging hard experiences, data, or feelings. 
    • Sevens strive to stay positive, optimistic, and proactive when tackling tasks.

    Enneagram type 8 at work

    •  Eights can take charge and take responsibility for getting the job done. 
    • They’re persuasive and always able to inspire others with their bold vision of work that contributes to a systemic goal.
    • They remain assertive and decisive in their work. 
    • They’re independent in their thinking and strive to trust their own instincts.
    • They have a gift for thinking big and thrive in leadership roles.
    • Eights are unshakeable and always ready for a challenge, never backing down.
    • They know how to stand their ground and use their strength and confidence to resolve conflicts.
    • They have a relentless drive and are always willing to do whatever it takes to move things forward.
    • Eights aren’t afraid to cut through the nonsense and get straight to the point.

    Enneagram type 9 at work

    • They have a warm and welcoming personality and are always willing to lend an ear and work with others to find solutions.
    • They pay close attention to their colleagues and will intervene when necessary. 
    • They remain calm and diplomatic when faced with stressful circumstances. 
    • Nines view things from different perspectives and look for compromise. 
    • They seek out opportunities to collaborate with others and bring people together.
    • Nines are masters of harmony and excel at bringing people together and fostering consensus.
    • They’re natural listeners who value everyone’s input and make sure everyone feels heard and supported.
    • They’re unselfish leaders who don’t need to dominate or manipulate and just want to help and make things work.
    • Nines are in tune with their surroundings and excel at connecting with people and understanding the context of a situation.
    Enneagram symbol 9 types of personality

    Try this: The Enneagram is more than just a personality typing system — it’s a whole sense-making framework showing us how to grow along our unique life path. Look at the symbol above, go to your type, then look at the two numbers beside your type (in numerical order). These are your wings. What actions from the list above could you take on for evolutionary growth at work?

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