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Owning Your Center of Intelligence

An old wise sage sits around a crackling fire and presents a riddle, “Loved ones are gathering after a tragic death. One friend is sitting silently with the grieving mother who lost her child too soon, tears rolling down their own cheeks. Another, equally close friend, is swirling around the kitchen, freezing lasagnas like it’s…

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Finding Flow: The Predictable Magic of the Creative Process

Have you ever spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about a problem—and then the solution just pops into your head one day while taking a shower? Or, maybe you can relate to my copywriter friend who mentioned how she’s taking more time away from her work lately—and now when she shows up to write,…

How to Cultivate Self-Awareness and Unleash Your Creativity with the Enneagram

There’s a term for people who are overly-introspective: navel-gazing. It’s not a complimentary term, either—we use it in a derisive way, mocking anyone who displays too much self-awareness as a person who looks at themself rather than looking outward at the world. Most of us internalize this message starting at a young age; our parents…

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This Year Isn’t Done With Us Yet: What 2020 is Doing to Creativity

It’s been six months since the Christmas party my friends throw every year—the one where I sat on their couch and casually mentioned that 2020 was going to be wild and interesting (said in the most sarcastic tone you can imagine). Wild and interesting. I first started to get a twinge that something turbulent was…

What is the Enneagram?

You keep hearing the word “Enneagram” and wonder if you should check it out. Then maybe all the Instagram memes might make some sense, right? But what the hell is the Enneagram? A new social app? A demonic symbol? A religion? Nope, nope, and nope. The Enneagram is geometry used to make sense of all…

7 Elements of A Website that Works

The 7 Elements of A Powerful Website

It’s easier than ever to launch your new idea online. But beyond grabbing a domain name and a WordPress theme, launching a website that works goes a little deeper than a 5-step checklist. Everyone knows that they need a website, but not everyone knows how to leverage a website. I’ve been responsible for designing and…

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Lila Ruth Grain Free Food Blog Design

Lila Ruth Grain Free Blog Services Strategy Session Brand Styling Website Refresh This is my dream blog and branding–I’m so thrilled! All of the concepts were absolutely gorgeous and I so love how thorough you are with everything. It’s seriously a dream to be working with you!! Catherine

Pete Enns Brand Strategy

Peter Enns + The Bible for Normal People

Peter Enns + The Bible for Normal People Podcast Services Brand Styling Website Facelift Online Course Design Merch Design + Ecommerce Nurture + Launch Strategy Social Media Strategy Website Performance Strategy Website Management + Maintenance Book Cover Design + Graphics “I’ve done everything I know to do to sabotage Shay’s work for us, but nothing…

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Edmarc Gala of Hope

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Walking Away from Something Successful in Order to Explore What’s Meaningful

Last week, I asked the people who’ve opted into my email list some questions and at the end, I invited them to ask me any question they wanted. Overwhelmingly, most asked the same thing: why did you sell your software company last year? Ironically, this same week, the company that made my WordPress theme business…