Foodie Weekend: Polyface Farm in the Shendandoah Valley

Joel Salatin, owner and full-time farmer at Polyface Farms, has been one of my foodie heroes for years. I’ve read his book. I’ve seen just about every Food documentary he’s in. And I perk up every time he’s mentioned online. So, when a group of food bloggers started discussing a lunatic tour and private sit-down… 

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Land of Nod’s Spiffy New Foodie-Based Blog Theme

So, it turns out that Foodie really is spreading like wild-fire – and it’s not just making an appearance on food blogs! I’m a decent fanatic about kid products – I turn to mush around wooden toys and funky children’s room decorations. Seriously, it gives me joy. So, when I noticed a support ticket come… 

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Featured Images & Foodie

Hey ya’ll! My team and I are noticing more and more questions about featured images popping up, so I wanted to do a quick screenshare to explain a bit about how that works. Some key points: You do not need to manually set a featured image if the first image you uploaded into your post… 

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Good News About Foodie

We are always so pleased to hear about our customers’ success stories, and this is a great one from Andres over at  Andres tells us a little about his blog, some of the challenges he faced, and how foodie improved his site and helped him meet his goals! My up and coming blog, The Low Carb… 

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How To Configure the Foodie Footer Widgets

There are 3 available widget areas in the Foodie theme. The Footer 1 area is configured for the Genesis User Profile widget. Please use the following settings to set up your profile widget like the demo: The Footer 2 area is configured for the Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plugin. Please use the following settings to… 

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Foodie Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size should my images be to fill the space in a blog post using this theme? A: Images look best at 680px wide and all featured images should be at least 450×450 to make the thumbnails resize optimally. Q: How do I use my own favicon? A: You can either replace the favicon.ico… 

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A year with Christ

2013 was a year full of personal struggles.  Seriously.  It was rough.  Probably the toughest year of my life.  And I’m including that time my husband was deployed to Afghanistan while I spent the entire year alone with a newborn baby 1500 miles away from home.   But, bear with me as I reflect on it… 

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