Good News About Foodie

We are always so pleased to hear about our customers’ success stories, and this is a great one from Andres over at  Andres tells us a little about his blog, some of the challenges he faced, and how foodie improved his site and helped him meet his goals!


My up and coming blog, The Low Carb Diet, focuses on easy low carb recipes and product reviews.  I needed a website that would take my web presence to the next level and cater to my socially active community. I also wanted to completely re-brand my blog to better represent its health conscious focus and promote other blog posts within every page. The predominant goals for the blog were growth in web traffic leading to more email subscribers, page views, and returning visitors.

As soon as I saw the foodie Genesis 2.0 child theme, I knew it was the one for me.  The minimalist color option was what actually inspired me to recreate my logo and use the orange link color as part of my color scheme. Through the migration of my Blogger Blog to the WordPress  platform utilizing foodie as its backbone, The Low Carb Diet’s recipes, resources, side bar, etc. can be easily managed and changed.  Thanks to the many plugin styles, everything fits seamlessly into the design and emphasizes the cohesiveness of his blog’s new branding.

Recent one-month results include:

  • Total Visits increased 200%
  • Page views grew 350%
  • Email Conversions grew 300%

Since the launch of my newly branded blog in February 2014, I have seen huge increases in overall site traffic, organic search results, page views, and email conversations. The plugin styling and resources Shay provides have been extremely beneficial to the usability and transition to her theme and WordPress in general. Overall I couldn’t be happier with how my site is performing and couldn’t be happier with the elegant theme  Shay has artistically created.

Thank you, Andres, for the glowing review!

How To Configure the Foodie Footer Widgets

There are 3 available widget areas in the Foodie theme.

The Footer 1 area is configured for the Genesis User Profile widget. Please use the following settings to set up your profile widget like the demo:

The Footer 2 area is configured for the Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plugin. Please use the following settings to set up this widget just like the demo:

The Footer 3 area is configured as a full-width area suitable for leaderboard ads. Simply drag and drop and text widget into place and paste your ad script.


Foodie Version 1.0.3

foodie-headerWe have a new version of Foodie available for download on your member page or at Here’s how we’ve made this theme even better:

  • Removed script for home and recipe grids and replaced with a css solution. Recipe index may now have up to 100 posts per widget.
  • Changed horizontal thumbnail to 680×453 so that the Home Middle featured image fills the post area.
  • Added support for custom header and background. You can now upload through the dashboard.
  • Added styling for the Genesis Profile User widget.
  • Adjusted Pinterest Pin It for Images plugin styling for compatibility with Version 1.1.0.
  • Removed forced layout for home and recipe pages.

Foodie Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size should my images be to fill the space in a blog post using this theme?
A: Images look best at 680px wide and all featured images should be at least 450×450 to make the thumbnails resize optimally.

Q: How do I use my own favicon?
A: You can either replace the favicon.ico file in the images folder or you can use the Genesis Favicon Uploader plugin.

Q:  How do I change the footer credits?
A: If you’re comfortable editing code, you can find the corresponding function in functions.php and edit accordingly. If you’d rather not mess with code, the Genesis Simple Edits plugin is helpful.

Q: How can I show featured posts in my sidebar like on your demo?
A: Simply slide a Genesis Featured Widget Amplified widget into your sidebar and adjust the settings however you like. For the Foodie demo, I have selected to show horizontal thumbnails with the title and no content.

Q: How do I get a newsletter form in my sidebar like on your demo?
A: Download the Genesis Enews Extended plugin, drag the widget into your sidebar, and adjust your settings according the documentation on the plugin’s page in the repository. This plugin supports all of the popular newsletter services.

Q: Is it possible to have more than one recipe index?
A: The Foodie theme is only set up to accommodate one recipe index.  If you’re handy with php, html, and css, you can certainly copy the function to create another widgetized page, but that takes some customization.  Please do not contact my team for instruction on how to do this as it’s beyond the scope of our support.  That said, the Genesis community is large and there’s bound to be a tutorial out there that will show you how.

Q: How do I get my category archives to show in a grid like some other sites that use Foodie?
A: By design, the category archives will display in full posts or excerpts according to your Genesis Theme Settings. We have made theme modifications for some customers to show their posts in a grid, but this isn’t something that we can add to the theme because the method differs for each site. If you’re comfortable with html, css, and php, you can add the Genesis Grid Loop plugin and customize it to accomplish the task. If you’d rather hire someone to do this for you, please see my list of recommended designers and they can do this at their hourly rates.

Q: I saw that there was an update out. Why wasn’t I notified? How do I update Foodie?
A: Sometimes we put out small updates to enhance the features in Foodie or to keep up with fast-changing technology. These updates are not required to continue running Foodie optimally on your site. However, if you’re interested in getting the new features as we add them, you may choose to update. Child themes don’t update automatically like WordPress or Genesis does and you won’t receive a notification that an update has been made, but sometimes we’ll mention the update in case anyone is interested. You can find the latest version on your member page at or You will need to delete the Foodie theme files from your site and then install the new version. All of your widgets should pop back into place but if you’ve made any changes to the css or functions, you’ll want to make a backup of those first so you can add them back in after installation.

More coming soon!

A year with Christ

2013 was a year full of personal struggles.  Seriously.  It was rough.  Probably the toughest year of my life.  And I’m including that time my husband was deployed to Afghanistan while I spent the entire year alone with a newborn baby 1500 miles away from home.   But, bear with me as I reflect on it all.


In January, at 7 months pregnant, I reflected on 6 months of being a single mom and pat myself on the back for keeping the bills paid and everyone out of the hospital.  This was probably the day I jinxed myself.


In early April, things were still going well and I threw my kids a super fun birthday party, complete with vegan cakes, organic hot dog bar, pony rides, and a petting zoo.  We had a ton of friends join us to celebrate my guys.

487925_10200956884821438_1617223326_nIn late April, I had my baby Jaxon (yay!) but passed out during labor from the pain.  I felt cheated out of the magical experience I knew childbirth could be but couldn’t help but feel extremely grateful for tremendous amount of support I had in my family, friends, midwife, and two doulas!


In early May, my world shattered when my two year old was hospitalized after a monster truck tire fell on top of him, totally busting up his face and breaking his arm.  Imagine spending the night in a hospital room next to your screaming baby who was in so much pain not even the morphine could help him sleep – while caring for your two week old baby beside you.


In June, I realized how overwhelmed I was with caring for three small children on my own, homeschooling, and running a business.  I decided things had to change and we needed a break, so I enrolled my oldest in Montessori school, and planned a vacation.


In July, the kids and I joined extended family in Florida and Alabama on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  It was a much needed break.


But it was also another breaking point for me as my oldest son’s behavior problems spiked from being out of our normal routine and I felt an incredible sense of failure as a mother.  But the kind words from my grandmother made that entire trip worth it.  “Hang in there.  You’re doing the right thing.  And you’re a good mama.”


In August, Ronnie started school.  And our relationship got so much better.


In October, I went to the ER on three separate occasions before my appendix burst and I almost died.  I scrambled to get emergency care for my children when I spent days in the hospital and weeks at home without even being able to lift my children.


In November, as we showed gratitude for our blessings on Thanksgiving, my husband’s mental illness encroached too far and caused him to lose his job, leaving all of the responsibility to care for these precious lives on my shoulders.  And I didn’t even know until a week later.


In an effort to bring some joy, I took the kids to an indoor trampoline park, where a 250 lb man jumped on top of my two year old and broke his leg.  He spent this Christmas in a cast.

This year has certainly confronted the lie that God won’t give you more than you can handle.  2013 was far more than I could handle. We wouldn’t have scraped by without His grace and the love He’s shown to my family, even through drama and tragedy.  Christ walked through this year with me – right beside me every step of the way.  He was the loving doula who held my hand and laid in the bed with me through childbirth, the midwife that knitted nearby so she would be there when I needed her.  He was the friends who brought me meals so I wouldn’t have to cook (on several occasions!).  He was the pastor who weekly gave me encouraging words to get me through it all.  He was the school, family, and friends that made accommodations to help me care for my children when I couldn’t.  He was the two mothers who didn’t even know me but brought breastmilk for my son to drink when I couldn’t nurse him.  He was the clients and customers who supported me through the year and allowed me to buy good food and clothes and fun treats for my kids.  And the ones who sent me kind gifts and words of encouragement when I needed it most.  He was the company that had to let my husband go but who pulled together everything they could to help give my children a happy Christmas.

Here’s to hoping that in 2014, I won’t need Christ to help me handle life quite as much.  I’d rather turn around and bless others this year – to be Christ for them when they need it most.  Happy New Year!