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I Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hey, I'm Shay Bocks! I'm a web designer and the creator of the #1 selling Genesis child theme. But what I'm really known for is digital strategy that positions blogs and small businesses to leverage their strengths and grow online. I love working with creative entrepreneurs who have passion and want to make a difference in their offline and online communities. So I provide custom website solutions, customizations, themes, and courses to help you accomplish your goals.

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5 Online Courses That Will Rock Your Freelance World

So, I’m kind of a course junkie. I’ve taken a lot of good courses. And a lot of bad courses. And a lot of great courses. I’m a big believer in investing in professional development opportunities and it would be selfish for me to keep these great courses to myself, so I wanted to make…

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The Brand Magnet Media Kit Template

Besides a killer theme, what is the #1 thing bloggers, especially food bloggers, need to work with brands? A media kit! I’ve created several for some of my favorite clients over the years and I’ll be the first to admit that it can get pretty pricey to have a designer work one up for you….

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Foodie Pro is Now Translation Ready!

You asked, we listened! After we noticed an increase of support tickets requesting translation-ready code, we decided to look into things a bit. And what we found out was astounding. Foodie Pro has reached to over 173 countries–and counting! It would be foolish to assume that even most of Foodie Pro users are blogging in…

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