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I Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hey, I'm Shay Bocks! I'm a web designer and the creator of the #1 selling Genesis child theme. But what I'm really known for is digital strategy that positions blogs and small businesses to leverage their strengths and grow online. I love working with creative entrepreneurs who have passion and want to make a difference in their offline and online communities. So I provide custom website solutions, customizations, themes, and courses to help you accomplish your goals.

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Online Steals in July That You Should Probably Know About!

It looks like there’s lots to celebrate this July! Check out these other deals from around the web. I want ’em all! In fact, I am so excited about these deals that I have no problem recommending them to you (and using my affiliate links). Tattly is turning 4! My favorite temporary tattoos–a project from…

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What’s Foodie Pro worth to you? Pay whatever you want!

Foodie Pro now has a global presence. We’ve tracked our users to 173 countries and counting! And this little theme continues to be the #1 choice for food bloggers and other creative bloggers everywhere. If you haven’t already been bombarded with the news, it’s my birthday. In fact, TODAY, July 9, is my birthday. And…

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Woman in Sports Clothes Typing on a Laptop

Giveaway: Garnish Online Course – for 30 Creative Bloggers!!!

The weekend is almost here and I’m on vacation in Florida. Why don’t we do something a little crazy? Last summer I set out to create an online course to help creative bloggers with the DIY gene to brand themselves online, design their own graphics, and customize their own themes. I kept the enrollment threshold…

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The Ultimate #foodiebday Package

In honor of my 30th birthday, I’m celebrating all month long. The other day, I hinted over on Facebook and Twitter that July is my birthday month.  Yep, I’m turning 30!  This is kind of a big deal for me, and I’m so excited about what the next decade of my life is going to…

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5 Online Courses That Will Rock Your Freelance World

So, I’m kind of a course junkie. I’ve taken a lot of good courses. And a lot of bad courses. And a lot of great courses. I’m a big believer in investing in professional development opportunities and it would be selfish for me to keep these great courses to myself, so I wanted to make…

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The Brand Magnet Media Kit Template

Besides a killer theme, what is the #1 thing bloggers, especially food bloggers, need to work with brands? A media kit! I’ve created several for some of my favorite clients over the years and I’ll be the first to admit that it can get pretty pricey to have a designer work one up for you….

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