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Type 6: Loyal + Cautious

Enneagram type 6 card

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Hey there, caution captain! If you want to be known as reliable, hard-working, and trustworthy, you might be a Six! These folks are top-notch at anticipating and solving problems and they love working with others. But beware: Sixes can also get a little defensive, evasive, and anxious when things get tough, and they might struggle with indecisiveness. Depending on their subtype, they might also be reactive, defiant, or rebellious. Sound familiar?


I've got a keen eye for spotting danger and a knack for predicting potential problems before they even happen. I'm always a step ahead by preparing for the worst. Trusting others is a process for me and I can spot a fake a mile away. But all this caution can lead to self-doubt and indecision, which can cause me to procrastinate or overthink things. I can be anxious and that can make me lack self-confidence or become overconfident. Leaders can be tricky for me - sometimes I follow too easily, other times I rebel or mistrust them. But in the end, it's all about staying one step ahead of the game.

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