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Type 5: Observant + Cerebral

Enneagram type 5 card

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Am I looking at Wikipedia-in-the-flesh? If you're insightful and curious with a talent for focusing on complex ideas and skills, you might be a Five! These folks are all about independence, innovation, and inventiveness, but they can also get a little preoccupied with their thoughts and ideas. Fives might also have a tendency to detach from their emotions and put up some pretty rigid boundaries to preserve their energy and inner resources. Sound familiar?


I cherish my personal space as a refuge from the chaos of the outside world. I fiercely guard my time, space, and energy to ensure that no one drains me dry. I have a talent for detaching from my emotions and from others, slipping into my mind as a comfortable haven to observe the world from a safe distance. Knowledge and learning are my passions, but I've been known to come off as a bit reserved or even aloof. But hey, a little mystery never hurt anyone.

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Does this sound like you?

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