Pete Enns Brand Strategy

Peter Enns + The Bible for Normal People Podcast


  • Brand Styling
  • Website Facelift
  • Online Course Design
  • Merch Design + Ecommerce
  • Nurture + Launch Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Performance Strategy
  • Website Management + Maintenance
  • Book Cover Design + Graphics

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Online Course Design
Online Course Landing Page
Peter Enns Bible for Normal People Hat
Genesis for Normal People Cover Concepts
Jesus and the Old Testament Slides
The Bible for Normal People Logo
social media design
social media graphic
online course design
online course design
Peter Enns Branding Design - Noah's Ark is NOT a Children's Story
The Bible for Normal People Peter Rollins Quote Social Media Graphic
The Bible for Normal People Richard Rohr Quote Social Media Graphic

"I’ve done everything I know to do to sabotage Shay’s work for us, but nothing seems to work. Despite my clueless requests and half-baked ideas, Shay always—ALWAYS—comes through with creative and strategic solutions that I didn’t even know existed. If we could, we’d keep her on permanent 24/7 retainer and not let her work for anyone else . . . but instead we’ve decided to share her with you. You’re welcome."

Peter Enns

Peter Enns

Scholar, Author, Podcaster