Unlock the fullness of your life's work.

Self-study sessions

What if you could make money that feels

Odds are you're already paid well—because let's face it, you're damn good at what you do. But it makes total sense that you still want a little more than that. You want a dream job. And I'll be the first to tell you that you deserve one. We all do.

You want to wake up and hear ca-ching in your bank account while doing work that makes you see all the heart emojis when you close your eyes and breathe it all in. A legacy. Freedom. Purpose. Vision. Work that feels so natural and flows so easily that it feels like second nature to you.

Well, come on in friend. I think you're ready for the Fully Human Incubator.

The key to unlocking your life’s work is in embracing your

We'll use a powerful and deep self-development system called the Enneagram to do just that. When creatives understand their personality type, they're more likely to do the kind of work they love, to make empathetic offers that serve people from a place of alignment, to throw up boundaries with clients and colleagues—and ultimately to make money that feels good.

in the fully human incubator, you'll get:


Self-study sessions that walk you through the first 7 phases of the Fully Human Framework.


Seven challenges designed to bring you more self-awareness and creative freedom.


Discounts and a celebratory gift to help you create an offer aligned to honoring your full humanity.



I want you to take the next aligned step in shaping your work, and if things are tight right now, I see you. Please select the price that most aligns with your personal situation. I appreciate your honesty, intention, and support.


You’re feeling good financially, you've learned tons from my content before, and you’re excited to invest in soul-driven insights.


You’re a BIPOC, a front-line worker, a single parent, or could use some extra financial support right now—this one’s for you!

Shay - thank you for our strategy session today! I always feel clear and energized after our chats. Own a business? Then you need a Shay. Love your spirit my friend.

In the Fully Human Incubator, your growth will be supported in NINE essential areas:

Know Thyself

We’ll use the Enneagram for self-awareness— it’s like one big freudian slip of emotionally-honest access to your innermost thoughts, feelings, and instincts.

Practice Self-Observation

The trick to personal and professional development isn’t “fixing” anything. It starts with a practice of self-observation—done in a very unique way (which, of course, I’ll teach you how to do!).

Evolutionary Instincts

By understanding the strategies you’ve used to keep yourself safe in a dangerous world, you can spill the tea on your mechanical nature and start making conscious decisions from a place of wholeness—instead of from unconscious unmet needs.

Emotional Habits

There’s alchemy happening inside you—between the survival tactics that work for you and the emotions that drive you. Learning to see how your emotional habits show up everywhere is the key to making conscious compassionate decisions.

Debunk Your Limiting Beliefs

Together, we’ll discover the remedies that help to ease the sting of so much head junk that keeps you separated from meaningful alignment—and show you the path towards clarity and flow.

Find Your Creative Flow

When work feels hard and not aligned with your core values, the trick is to understand where your creative activating energy is—and this framework reveals how YOU specifically tap into that flow for yourself.

Unlock Evolutionary Potential

Sometimes you’re ready to advance to the next level in your career evolutionary path, but the way forward isn’t clear. Using Spiral Dynamics theory, you’ll identify the evolutionary stage you’re in, get clarity about where you’re going, and take conscious action to advance onward.

Hold Space For Your Muse

Marketing your work towards everyone leaves you helping no one—it’s time to uncover psychographic details about your ideal clients and use strategies that set you up to speak directly to them. Those with ears to hear, let them hear!

Experiment & Align

Right now, you might not know what an aligned offer looks like. But I’ll show you how to create something that solves a problem you’re uniquely qualified to solve! I’ll challenge you through experiments that’ll ensure what you create is meaningful and optimized to honor your full humanity.

You have all the ingredients, you just need the recipe....

Throw out the bro-marketing manuals. If you want to build an online business around your passions—a business that will slap a big “I can’t believe I get to do this for a living” smile on your face every day…

Then the rules are different for you.

I said it.

The templated advice you’ve heard a million times before simply won’t do.

You see, I think the key to unlocking your life’s work is in embracing your FULL HUMANITY, understanding yourself in ways you’ve never even considered before, and then you can…

Learn how to turn the fullest expression of yourself into a lucrative online business.

This is how we’ll get you there....

  • Video Self-Study Sessions on the first six areas of the Fully Human Framework: Know Thyself, Practice Self-Observation, Evolutionary Instincts, Emotional Habits, Debunk Your Limiting Beliefs, and Find Your Creative Flow.
  • 7 Creative Challenges designed to bring more self-awareness, creative freedom, and generate tangible results.
  • Celebratory Gift and discounts tailored to help you create an aligned offer that honors your full humanity and creates transformation for your ideal audience.
Shay Bocks Enneagram Guides
"Do you know your Enneogram type? I’ve dived in and going deep with my amazing friend Shay. We are in week two of our work and WHOA. So.much.insight."

This program is for you if...

You have knowledge or skills that others find valuable: you might be a designer, therapist, writer, academic, service provider, illustrator, teacher, carpenter, or accountant.

You’re a creative professional looking to replace your income or generate $100k+ with a new revenue stream aligned to your core strengths and creative talents.

fully human enneagram incubator for creatives and small business

When you invest in like this, here’s what you can accomplish…

Ruthie Weiglein play therapist

Ruthie redefined her therapy career with takecare.club, crushing her income goals and booking new clients without ever even talking to them first.

Meg Clarke Headshot

Meg productized her SEO services so she could release the bloat in her business and spend more time doing what she actually loves to do.

carrie braswell accountant

Carrie stopped working for a chain tax company and started her own tax representation firm. She had to pump the breaks on taking new clients at one point until she could hire help because she was so booked out!


Dannie jumped into her self-awareness journey and got a book deal!

shay bocks headshot

Hi, I'm Shay.

a curious brand strategist + enneagram consultant

In thirteen years of doing creative work for everyone from food bloggers and shops to Silicon Valley startups to global intergovernmental organizations, there's at least one thing I've come to truly know: we are all tender mammals with evolutionary potential.

It's easy to sum up my work into terms like "branding" and "strategy," but what I really love to do is crack open the ways we stay small and contained—to reveal new unexplored opportunities to embrace our full humanity.

I've been honored to work with clients like Michael Hyatt, Marie Forleo, Peter Enns, and Pinch of Yum, but honestly what I'm really interested in is you, who you are, and what you're going to do next.

Because it's important: you should know that I'm a certified Enneagram practitioner and I regularly invest in my own inner work and professional development around the Enneagram—this is a perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on my insatiable curiosity and get support for your own growth path!