How AI is Revolutionizing Personality-Driven Branding – And Why You Need to Pay Attention

At first, I just used it for fun, running prompts and seeing what kinds of responses it would generate. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning – what if I could use ChatGPT to analyze all of the Enneagram typing sessions I had done over the years?

A primer for understanding the enneagram

What’s new… The winds of change are blowing, and AI is leading the charge. When you add the power of personality insights to the mix, you get a transformative approach that’s breaking down barriers and opening up groundbreaking new possibilities for brands who want to connect with their audience in ways we never thought possible.

Story time… I was so burnt out and ready for a break. After two years of intense work at the United Nations, I was feeling drained and in need of a serious recharge. So, I decided to take some time off to find my footing and rekindle my flame a bit after the heaviness of doing my work in a crisis setting for so long.

But let’s be real, even during my “break,” my mind (and my heart!) was still in overdrive. I couldn’t help but think about what was next. My career has been a series of serendipitous moments, stringing a red thread from one thing to the next — all aligned in some way or another in service to making connections. So let’s just say, my eyes are always open. 

That’s when ChatGPT hit the scene. If you’re not already engulfed in this enchanting world of AI, ChatGPT is a futuristic language model trained by OpenAI. It’s on all our minds these days and, I’d say, it’s the catalyst for hundreds, maybe thousands, of new AI-driven features coming to a software near you this year.

At first, I just used it for fun, running prompts and seeing what kinds of responses it would generate. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning – what if I could use ChatGPT to analyze all of the Enneagram typing sessions I had done over the years? And what about the notes I’d gathered studying with Enneagram experts like Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes?

Would there be new patterns to uncover? New insights to smack me right in the face?

Could AI develop a nuanced understanding of a brand’s audience?

It’s said the Enneagram holds the keys to explaining everything in the universe. I’ve been tapping into that well for years now, using it as a powerful tool for branding. And I knew that if I could crack the code on how to turn all of that expert knowledge about personality types into something easy for any conscientious creator to use, the possibilities would be endless.

Close your eyes and imagine this for a moment. You have the power to turn any brand experience into a moment that truly resonates with your audience. I’m talking about creating connections that run deep – connections that make your audience feel seen, heard, and understood.

At that point you’re going well beyond selling a product or service – you’re creating connections that leave a lasting impression on people. Who do you think they’re going to DM the next time they need what you do?

This is a concept that I know could change branding forever. The only problem? It’s not universally understood – yet.

So, I loaded in all of my notes (anonymized, of course) into the model and let it do its thing. And what I discovered was nothing short of revolutionary.

Let’s face it – understanding the unique patterns, preferences, and behaviors of each personality type is no small feat. And when it comes to applying those patterns to a branding context, it’s even more challenging.

That’s why for years, I’ve been doing this project-by-project – taking the time to carefully consider the details and create messaging and visuals that truly resonate with a brand’s audience, based on what I call their “triangle of influence.”

But let’s be real – investing $10k in new branding is quite a chunk of change. And while it’s worth it for some, not everyone has that kind of budget to work with.

I’ve been grappling with the challenge of making this complex concept accessible to more people… and then OpenAI just dropped the solution in my lap.

Personality-driven branding insights in minutes, not months.

ChatGPT was able to analyze and interpret large amounts of personality data in just minutes – a feat that would take a human considerable time and effort to accomplish.

Make no mistake – the power of AI is truly remarkable. With the advanced algorithms of ChatGPT, we can analyze and interpret large amounts of unstructured text data in ways that were once thought impossible. But as with any powerful tool, it’s not a grab-and-go solution.

To tap into the true potential of AI, it requires a skilled human touch. That means providing context, expertise, and guidance. It means ensuring that the data being fed into ChatGPT is accurate and relevant, and that the insights it uncovers are being used in ways that truly benefit people.

That’s why I was there every step of the way, feeding the model my own work and providing the context and guidance it needed to uncover the insights that would help me draft the first Enneagram Audience Communication Guides — in just six weeks.

Yes, AI did it in weeks – but it was only able to do so because of the human touch that guided it every step of the way. And that’s the beauty of this powerful tool – when AI and human expertise come together, we can create real magic.

Enneagram Communication Guides - Don't just communicate with your audience, connect!

But why personality and branding?

The era of traditional corporate branding is fading fast. The world is experiencing a paradigm shift towards decentralized models that put people first. And with that comes a renewed focus on authenticity, transparency, and connection. 

We’re moving towards systems that put people front and center, and branding is no exception. You’re not just building a brand, you are the brand. Consumers crave more than just communication from brands – they want a true connection.

The rise of web3 and other emerging technologies have empowered creators to take control of their brand and connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways than ever before. 

Mark my words, this trend is only going to gain more momentum. 

The big picture… As decentralized models and creator-driven brands become the norm, it’s time to step up your game and build a powerful identity that connects with your audience on a deep level. And let’s be real, to do that you need to understand their unique patterns, preferences, and behaviors – it’s a non-negotiable.

Dig deeper… Get inside your audience’s head with the Enneagram Audience Communication Guide Bundle and create branding that’s more than skin-deep. 

You’ll get a treasure trove of valuable insights on how to build trust, motivate, and market ethically based on psychographics. And with three pre-written user personas for each personality type, you’ll have a jump on creating powerful connections that resonate long after the first click. Don’t just communicate, connect.