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Unleash Your Creativity with the Ancient Self-Awareness Tool Used by Dropbox, Toyota, P&G, Michael Hyatt, and Pfizer

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Which one sounds like you?

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All the ideas.

You’re in the shower swirling in circular thoughts about the thing you want to do—it’s the product you’re dying to create, the book you want to write, or something so new it’ll change the world—but you’ve got pages and pages of notes, quotes, and ideas with nothing of real substance to put out there (yet!) because you’re “not ready” or it’s not perfect or because the squirrel outside your window is chewing on a Cheeze-It and it’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. You've been told to launch ugly, but you're still holding back.

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Need boundaries.

You’re slogging through another day working with yet another [insert niche here] client that drains every ounce of energy you have left in you, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw up a magic force field of boundaries and say “nuh uh” when they ask you to push the scope for the SEVENTH time (without paying you for doing the miraculous once again!). You want to feel like you're making a creative contribution, but you keep taking on clients you just don't love because you're unsure of where your next project is coming from.

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Time to pivot.

The planet is going through unbelievable growing pains and you’re working from home in lockdown with 2.5 kids, a dog, and global warming. In between fanning yourself like the Southern Belle that you are and mumbling about how you'll scream if you have to load ONE MORE sink of dirty dishes, you also feel like this is a chance to do something you’ve never done before—to break out on your own, express yo’self, and create something new—but you have no idea what that is or how to make that elusive possibility happen.

Here’s the thing: research says that self-awareness is the key to creativity. “Know Thyself” is supposed to be the magic key to make innovation and creative success materialize out of the ether. But how?

enneagram workshop with Shay Bocks

The biggest challenge for creatives isn’t knowing what to create or how—it’s about a level of self-awareness that ignites the activating energy already in you.

Self-awareness and creativity go together like shrimp and grits.

Self-awareness is about understanding the motivations and attributes you unconsciously identify with down in the depths of who you are, while creativity gets a lot easier when you understand what your unique counter-intuitive activating energies are.

Did you know that scientists discovered that saying positive things to yourself while looking into a mirror, instead of just repeating mantras without looking at yourself, has a compounding soothing effect and cultivates a greater level of self-compassion, but ALSO increases your experience of a common humanity?

Let’s decode that.

When you take a good hard look at yourself and pair it up with compassionate self-care, you not only boost your confidence and self-worth (so necessary for contributing your talents to the world!), but you also understand your place in a shared human experience.

Here’s a little secret—if you can master a practice of self-awareness through ONE little system, you can catch yourself when you start to sabotage your creative work and you can get closer to a crystal clear vision of the role you play in contributing something extraordinary to your community, your family, your friends, your workplace, your clients, and your super fans.

I’m not talking about getting all eat—pray—love and traveling the world to “find yourself” or throwing everything you’ve got down on an Instagram guru selling formulas for a spiritual bypass. (Seriously. Do not do this.)

There's a shortcut to more self-awareness. And that's why I created Enneagram for Creatives.

The Enneagram invites us to pay attention to all the ways we live, move, and experience reality—it shows us how we’re more alike than we are different, but also how we’re stuck in certain ways of thinking, feeling, and doing (without even realizing it most of the time!).

Instead of spending several years getting honest about your inner experience, the Enneagram system gives you a fast lane to seeing the things you don’t see.

End result? You can finally bust out of the container you’ve trapped yourself in—that served you so well for most of your life, but can sabotage you now that you’re not a little person dealing with the harsh realities of growing up in a dangerous scary world.

enneagram workshop with Shay Bocks
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on-demand class

In Enneagram for Creatives, you’ll…

  • Learn the Enneagram Scorecard Method of determining your Enneagram personality type (instead of having to rely on monotonous online tests that are probably getting you wrong anyway). The only person who can declare your personality type is YOU, so this is where you’ll get the tools to understand the system well enough to categorically type yourself.
  • Master the 5 pivotal concepts of Enneagram theory in a language that actually makes sense—because who knew this was all so complicated? I’ll explain things in real-people terms and also connect you to the language used in Enneagram circles (so you’ll know what other teachers mean when they talk about things like “passions,” “fixations” and “centers of intelligence”).
  • Get clear on what the 9 personality types and 27 subtypes are based on Enneagram theory and how each one is a pioneer in their own right—leading the rest of us on paths we don’t easily notice ourselves. For example, you’ll leave knowing why Sevens are the creatives most corporations want to hire and why Eights get a bad rep as bullies but are probably our greatest key to a more compassionate world.
  • Spill the tea on yourself with 3 self-awareness hacks—uncover your limiting beliefs, start to observe your emotional habits, and better understand how you absorb the world around you. It would be tragic if you ignore this key piece of the Enneagram system (and it’s so easy to do in our world of bite-sized teaching and social media memes).
  • Use my 3-Word Philosophy for getting unstuck without letting your ego dig its heels in further and sabotage the world-changing work you want to do. This is how you tap into your activating energy, and consciously move around the Enneagram map (you’ll never guess the secret—and it’s dead simple.)
  • Subtle cues you’ll need to know for working with other people in a more compassionate way. Understanding the Enneagram helps you to apply empathy in your creative projects and have more grace for yourself when things just don’t seem to be going the way you imagined.
  • Get access to my Enneagram Black Book, where I introduce you to my favorite master teachers who are pivotal to understanding the Enneagram on a deeper level. You’ll get the scoop on books to read, podcasts to listen to, and people you need to stalk online right meow.

on-demand class

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The chick behind the curtain.

Hi, I'm Shay! I’m a curious creative director who’s obsessed with systems and human transformation. I give creative professionals the tools you need, the ease you crave, and design that unlocks the fullness of your life’s work. I'm certified as an Enneagram Practitioner through the School of Conscious Living and I'm an IEA Enneagram Professional, although I'm still doing my inner work too, boo. I may be married to my branding work, but the Enneagram is a mistress I just can't let loose. Get deep with me!

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