Enneagram + Branding Class

Create a brand that honors who you're designed to be.

Pay-What-You-Want Class

What would happen if we put Enneagram, branding and UX into a Vitamix and hit blend?

Join me for an interactive 3-hour class to explore my system for creating transformational brand experiences for our users and prioritize their well-being.

In this interactive 3-hour online class, we'll cover:

  • Making your brand irresistibly human with wisdom from the Enneagram
  • The "magic" number hidden in the human experience—and how it can help you connect your audience to a transformational offer
  • How to build trust with your ideal audience

We'll explore:


9 Enneagram personality types—from the way they naturally take in information to what gets them stuck in their feelings to the limiting beliefs they need your help to smash.


Sleuth the method I use to identify your ideal audience and build a brand story centered in psychographics and geared towards transformation—helping your brand decisions to flow.


Practical tactics you can use to ethically and authentically build trust with your audience, by creating psychological safety, connection, and empowerment—in ways that feel good.

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Enneagram + Branding

Create a brand that honors how you're designed and connect with your audience using Enneagram insights.

Replay of live 3-hour class

Workbook PDF + FigJam

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Shay Bocks

Behind-the-scenes and within-the-seams of brands that prioritize the well-being of humanity.

Shay Bocks Brand Strategist

Explore the personality behind your brand.

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