Enneagram Passions or Emotional Habits?

We must face the emotional habit of our Enneagram type

Have you ever noticed that the “passions” of the Enneagram look a lot like the Seven Deadly Sins? We could go way deep into how Pope Gregory the Great stole that teaching from a lineage that came through Mary Magdalene and told everyone she was a prostitute, but I digress.  What’s often called the “Seven…

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Owning Your Center of Intelligence

Plaster antique statue of greek goddess with decoration from colored natural flowers on her head, on a sand yellow background with copy space.

An old wise sage sits around a crackling fire and presents a riddle, “Loved ones are gathering after a tragic death. One friend is sitting silently with the grieving mother who lost her child too soon, tears rolling down their own cheeks. Another, equally close friend, is swirling around the kitchen, freezing lasagnas like it’s…

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Finding Flow: The Predictable Magic of the Creative Process

Creative Artist Desk With Marble Statue Of Woman, Colored Pencils And Yarn

Have you ever spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about a problem—and then the solution just pops into your head one day while taking a shower? Or, maybe you can relate to my copywriter friend who mentioned how she’s taking more time away from her work lately—and now when she shows up to write,…

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This Year Isn’t Done With Us Yet: What 2020 is Doing to Creativity

clean white sheets, blank slate, ready for creativity

It’s been six months since the Christmas party my friends throw every year—the one where I sat on their couch and casually mentioned that 2020 was going to be wild and interesting (said in the most sarcastic tone you can imagine). Wild and interesting. I first started to get a twinge that something turbulent was…

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What is the Enneagram?

You keep hearing the word “Enneagram” and wonder if you should check it out. Then maybe all the Instagram memes might make some sense, right? But what the hell is the Enneagram? A new social app? A demonic symbol? A religion? Nope, nope, and nope. The Enneagram is geometry used to make sense of all…

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The 7 Elements of A Powerful Website

7 Elements of A Website that Works

It’s easier than ever to launch your new idea online. But beyond grabbing a domain name and a WordPress theme, launching a website that works goes a little deeper than a 5-step checklist. Everyone knows that they need a website, but not everyone knows how to leverage a website. I’ve been responsible for designing and…

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Lila Ruth Grain Free Food Blog Design

Lila Ruth Logo Design

Lila Ruth Grain Free Blog Services Strategy Session Brand Styling Website Refresh start your project → This is my dream blog and branding–I’m so thrilled! All of the concepts were absolutely gorgeous and I so love how thorough you are with everything. It’s seriously a dream to be working with you!! Catherine

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Peter Enns + The Bible for Normal People

Pete Enns Brand Strategy

Peter Enns + The Bible for Normal People Podcast Services Brand Styling Website Facelift Online Course Design Merch Design + Ecommerce Nurture + Launch Strategy Social Media Strategy Website Performance Strategy Website Management + Maintenance Book Cover Design + Graphics start your project → “I’ve done everything I know to do to sabotage Shay’s work…

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Clapping Dog Media

Clapping Dog Media Landing Page Design

Clapping Dog Media Meg had all the right business problems. So many new projects. Clients that don’t want to leave—they just want to keep paying her (because she’s got skillz!). Raving fans sending more and more good work her way. And her soul constantly aching to do it all. But something had to give or…

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Cait’s Plate

Cait's Plate blog redesign - above the fold

Cait’s Plate Blog Cait is a registered dietician and her blog focuses on all things balance. In her Clarity Worksheet, Cait let me know that she’s inspired my farmhouse colors and that she wanted a clean, fresh, minimal, but inviting new look. She was immediately drawn to the first concept. With a few tweaks, we…

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Hello Glow + Hello Veggie

Hello Veggie Food Blog Recipe Index

Hello Veggie Food Blog Working with Stephanie and Kiersten from helloglow.co and helloveggie.co has to be one of the highlights of my career. They are a dream to design for–the minimalist nature of their brand is to die for. To die for! While helloglow.co has been a well-established lifestyle blog for years, the HG team…

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All About That Grace

All About that Grace Cosmic Exploration

All About that Grace All About that Grace is my personal blog, where I periodically share essays about faith, family, feminism, and all things cosmic. It’s an experimenting ground for new ideas that I’m noodling, existential uncertainties, and a release-valve for inspirational overload. Services Brand Styling Website Facelift Content Strategy Website Strategy + Performance Maintenance…

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Tight Knit Brand Clarity Moodboard

Tight Knit Lifestyle Blog Tight-Knit is an established lifestyle blog, created by Debra Koessler, as a manifestation of the idea that people are bound together through common interests and strong relationships. This blog was in a pre-revenue phase, but Debra was ready to grow the blog into a platform to build a core community of people…

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