Found Friday // 07.22.11

A Fab Freebie!

This alphabet decor free printable is absolutely adorable! Once we get our new place, I’m planning on using these in the boys’ room. I just can’t resist! Check out The Handmade Home to print a set for yourself!

A Life-Saving App

Life 360 is the latest addition to my android app downloads. With this amazing FREE application for android or iphone, you can keep track of your family members via GPS, get safety status alerts, and keep up with safety issues in your neighborhood.

Known Issues for Blogger

Has your Blogger dashboard gone wonky again? Make the Known Issues blog your first stop to figuring out the problem. We all know that Blogger comes with its own set of issues, especially because its free to use – they often have to work out the kinks at our expense. Knowing that they are already working to solve the problem may put your mind at ease though.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m addicted to all those fabulous deal sites. But sometimes I’ll join a mailing list for a drool-worthy deal only to find out that I’m not all that interested in the emails they send out every day. Here’s a quick and easy way to remedy the issue –! I use the handy gmail button and in one click, it unsubscribes for me – easy peasy.